Projet INSPYRE (H2020)

Investigations Supporting MOX Fuel Licensing in ESNII Prototype Reactors

Date de début de projet :

Domaine scientifique principal : Énergie & Matériaux

Résumé / Présentation

INSPYRE, a proposal fully supported and endorsed by the Steering Committee of the EERA Joint Programme on Nuclear
Materials, focusses on the investigation of fast reactor MOX fuel to support the licensing of the start-up cores of the ESNII
reactor prototypes. It will:
• Use carefully designed separate effect (modelling and experimental) investigations to accurately describe basic phenomena
occurring in the fuel with sound physical models, expanding empirical fuel behaviour knowledge gained in the past in
irradiation tests and post-irradiation examinations,
• Characterize selected key irradiated fuel samples to fill clearly identified knowledge gaps,
• Combine and leverage basic and technological research to enhance and extend the reliability range of traditionally deduced
empirical laws governing performance of nuclear fuels under irradiation,
• Implement the new models and data obtained in the fuel performance codes used for the design of ESNII systems and apply
the improved codes to ESNII relevant conditions.
The impacts of the INSPYRE project will be many. Fuel is at the heart of nuclear reactor systems, but its qualification and
licensing is challenging due to the complex coupled phenomena (physical, chemical, radiation, thermal and mechanical)
induced by fission. INSPYRE represents a paradigm shift. It will enable a timely, facilitated and cost effective licensing of fast
reactor fuels, only achievable by generating validated simulation tools capable of limiting qualification to punctual dedicated
irradiation experiments. Of foremost importance is the relevant and efficient leveraging of past knowledge, technological and
basic science approaches to extend the applicability of codes.
INSPYRE’s goals will be achieved by a well-balanced consortium from universities, research and industrial organisations
already collaborating in the EERA JPNM, further augmented by a dedicated user group stemming from ESNII representatives,
fuel vendors, utilities and TSOs.

Responsable / porteur / P.I. : Marie-France Barthe

Lieu principal : Orléans

Périmètre d'action : International

Tutelle : CNRS

Laboratoires impliqués : CEMHTI