Projet ATHOR (H2020)

Advanced THermomechanical mOdeling of Refractory linings

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Refractories are heat-resistant materials used as inner linings of high temperature furnaces, reactors and processing units.
ATHOR (Advanced THermomechanical multiscale mOdelling of Refractory linings) is an innovative, collaborative and
interdisciplinary project that brings together 6 academic beneficiaries and 8 private partners. The main objective is to develop
high-end engineering technologies in material engineering and numerical simulations thanks to an intensive cooperation
between academia, raw materials suppliers, refractory producers and end-users. Starting from material characterization, all
significant properties will be investigated, including fracture behaviour, tension and compression creep behaviour, corrosion
and thermal shock resistance. The interdisciplinary aspects will be addressed thanks to a multiscale approach looking at the
influences of micro-, meso- and macro-characteristics on each other. To conduct their research and interlink the different
topics, the 15 recruited researchers will take advantage of the most sophisticated numerical tools to model, design and predict
the life of different lining configurations in critical operation conditions.
The current financial situation of the European steel industry urges the producers to dramatically reduce their production
costs. This project is expected to substantially contribute to find solutions through the design of more robust and more reliable
refractory linings. Not only the total cost of refractory materials is then reduced, but the equipment’s availability and the
process control are improved. In addition to the large energy savings that meet the industrial partner’s interests, the project
will help to reduce the environmental impact of high temperature processes.
The ATHOR network is deeply committed to provide a combination of research and training activities which will support and
enlarge the initiative of the Federation for International Refractory Research and Education (FIRE).

Responsable / porteur / P.I. : Alain GASSER

Lieu principal : Orléans

Périmètre d'action : International

Tutelle : Université d'Orléans

Laboratoires impliqués : PRISME